Something Beautiful: Nantucket Island, MA

Nantucket Island is known as "The Grey Lady" both for its fog and its abundance of weathered wooden shingles

One of the seven beaches

Brant Point

Nantucket Town

The Steeple on the Hill--First Congregational Church

Surfcasting at dusk

Ah, the moors! . . . with Sankaty Head Light (lighthouse) in the distance

The charm and elegance of "The Grey Lady" are on display everywhere

Things to do

Eat at the fine restaurants. Sightsee. Shop. Watch movies and people. Golf! Picnic on nature walks; walk the moors.

History buffs, architecture lovers, and photographers will have a field day.

Charter fishing and surf casting are popular activities. Bicycling and riding horses on the miles of island paths.

Visit the Nantucket Atheneum or Maria Mitchell Planetarium. The island churches open their windows to let you breathe in the fresh, clean air while enjoying weekly concerts of all types.

And with no bright city lights to obstruct the view, romantic stargazing is a prime activity on the island. Ah, Nantucket!!

Arts & Culture

Besides the usual joys of seaside places, Nantucket is host to the literary and film festivals in June. I join a thriving artists' community of painters, composers, and writers who find the island's climate ideal for creating. Some famous Nantucket authors are Herman Melville, Nathaniel Philbrick, Peter Benchley, and David Halberstam.

Visit the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce or see Wikipedia for more.

Visit beautiful Nantucket: A spit of sand 30 miles out to sea . . .

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